You are SACRED.


You are LOVED.

WISDOM Lives Within You.

Hello Colorful You!
I’m Ally.
I’m a Soulful Woman
on a Quest to Spark
Sacred Imagination,
Prayerful Possibility
& Feminine Intuition
Through the Magic
of Art & Word.

CREATIVITY is Your Birthright.


Soul Explorers
Daring Dreamers
Divine Mother Seekers
Hope-Filled Healers
Magical Ministers
Caring Creatives
Eloquent Empaths
Idea Inspirers
Poetic Practitioners

Reconnect to Yourself as a Sacred, Creative Being


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Engage With Me

 “Creating with Ally opened a path I never thought I’d walk again. I’m returning to women’s ministry (in a broader sense than the church). Ally is a wonderful teacher, moving at a pace that is just right. I appreciate Ally’s open spirit and the way she holds space during our time together as she honors each person’s story and contribution. Providing us with an opening and closing ritual is food for the soul. I’m thankful for Ally’s ministry and where it’s led me. ” 

Ruth Anna Abigail