In what way does being in relationship with the vastness of sacred Love
— a Love that receives everything from life to death —
influence connection with myself, others & the spaces I roam?

As an artist, this is what I dwell upon when I create.

Art & word is my spiritual practice.
I come to deeply listen and relate to Divine Love.

I rarely have music on when I create.
Instead, I make room for stillness and solitude
so that I may be present to the process.

When I arrive to the blank page,
I get a little tingly with excitement.

My curiosity begins to bounce, “What or who will appear?”

I don't begin with a specific color palette or “end” in mind.
Rather, I view white space as a mystery to be unveiled.

The time comes to unfurl a line.
I attempt not to dominate the way this line reveals itself.
(This is tricky… and I’m often unable to do it!)

I carry on.
Then, there’s a dance, a conversation, a prayer that occurs
as I observe the shapes that have been revealed.

Slowly, a form appears with an invitation to commune.
I develop this playful presence and add color.

It’s in the quiet gaze, tending to the art
that I receive insight from Love that lives in my core.

As the image takes shape, words of poetry come to me.
My art and words are an expression to unite and bring a story of wholeness —
one that includes the gift of the Sacred feminine.

Her presence has been limited, changed or deleted out of the conversation.
As I research and spend time with her, a new vantage point opens:

She invites growth in her womb.

She births light through darkness.

She is one who knows herself and listens to her bodily wisdom.

She is connected to the living with compassion and celebration.

She honors the rhythms and cycles of nature.

She is curious about the unknown.

She has the ability to hold both joy and pain.

Her words breathe life for those who have ears to hear.

She is medicine for a world in need.

Alongside MotherGod,
sacred imagination, metaphor and symbol
are woven into my art.

This woven thread allows me to explore both the lighthearted nature of whimsy
as well as soul deep inquiries that rise to my awareness as I make.

I believe being in communion with Love changes everything:
the way — we speak to one another
the way — we honor the environment
the way — we open arms to “the other” in our midst

This loving communion propels compassionate action.

May we make room to welcome Love & deeply know that this Love belongs to each one of us.